Tailor Your Home this Fall
If you're looking for the latest trend in home design, take a look around the men's department next time you're at the mall. "Menswear trends are making the transition to home styles this year," says Chris Tennyson, director of visual merchandising for Bombay.
Green-Friendly Replacement Windows: Don't Hate Them Because They're Beautiful
If your windows seem more like the "Before" than the "After" on a TV home make-over show, then it's time for a new look. You don't have to sacrifice the appearance of your home to save the environment. Nor must you choose between a home that's beautiful and a home that's warm in winter or cool in summer. This guide to replacement windows will help you find a sustainable style for your windows that's pretty and smart.
Let Nature's Renewal Inspire You
The days are getting longer, temperatures are warming up and soon there will be leaves on the trees again.  You know what that means - time to redecorate.  Every change of season serves as inspiration to make what's old new again.
Revamping the Heart of Your Home: Kitchen Remodeling Basics
Whether it's the aroma of simmering stew, the easy access to refreshments, or the colorful array of fruits and vegetables, there's something about a kitchen that draws people like a magnet.
Everyone Needs a Guardian Angel
This time of year, angels are everywhere - kids make snow angels when they play outside, you may have angel ornaments on your tree and you might even be baking angel shaped cookies. But angels aren't just a holiday phenomenon.
Create the Perfect Kid's Room
Redecorating your child's room is more than a way to bring their space up to date. It can also be a great way for you to spend some time with your child, to see how their personal tastes have developed and to teach them some valuable lessons about negotiation as well.
Real or Not, Fireplaces Add Warmth, Personality to Rooms
Realtors know that fireplaces are one of the most popular amenities buyers look for in a home, whether that fireplace is wood-burning or gas powered. They add a homey touch and are a perfect place to display family photos and holiday decorations. But adding a fireplace can be expensive.
The Safe, Easy Way to Hang Things on Your Vinyl Siding
Homeowners love to decorate their houses - inside and out. But hanging pictures on the wall in your living room is a lot easier than hanging a planter on your siding.
A Custom Room without the Custom Price Tag
Since the first cave dwellers put pigment on the stone walls of their homes, people have used murals to decorate, enhance and make a statement about their living space. Throughout history, muralists have used their talents to tell a story, express religious devotion, beautify their environment and even visualize political protest.
An Easy Way to Spruce Up Your Home in the New Year
Relax. The frenzy of last-minute holiday shopping is passed. The flurry of visits with friends and family has finally come to a halt. Glistening twinkle lights are stowed away for next year and any traces of chocolates or sugar cookies vanished with the start of post-holiday diets. But hopefully the sizzle of your new year hasn't completely fizzled out.

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